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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Over the last few days ...

..I finished up at WHP-TV. As much as I bitched, there are many things I will miss about working the graveyard shift in a television station. It was quiet, I had unlimited access to the Internet, I was completely unsupervised for hours, my coworkers were cool, occasionally the late-night films were decent, and for all the trashiness and soul-destruction, I love working behind the scenes in TV news. It's unfortunate that I didn't have such a job five years ago when I was unattached to either a person or a theater.

..after a few ticket and traffic shenanigans, I attended two Nine Inch Nails concerts in New York with Matt, Meathead, Anita, Cliff, Wendy, and Arabia. I also finally met a few people whom I'd heard so much about but never encountered - Rob and Leo, for instance. Matt and I accidentally bumped into Susan Swan as well, who, oddly enough, knew how long we have been married. She reminds me a lot of Kelli Harman. A lot. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they were related.

(Alessandro has three Mac/Apple tattoos, which makes me grin. Am I the only person who thinks that's not much better than inking a Nike swoosh?)

..I managed not to die of exhaustion. Still marvelling at the amount of sleep-deprived abuse my body will withstand with nothing but willpower and a single can of Red Bull keeping it upright. On Monday, although I should by all rights have slept all day, I woke at midday, threw a greasy breakfast on top of a hungover stomach, and hit the pavement. All I have to show for my Manhattan walkabout are sore feet, some neat hair accessories, and a couple of pictures of Seth Green, but by Christ, I love New York City. I'll post a few pictures later, but for most of my two-day adventure, I was too busy doing to think of snapping. final grades were posted. The bad news is that I scored a B in US Government, which totally shoots down my 4.0 GPA. The good news is that I aced everything else, including American History, which, you may remember, was worrying me. I guess 16 college credits, two extra curriculum classes, three (four?) jobs, and a major family crisis is beyond my criteria for a straight-A semester. I'm oddly not anywhere near as upset about the B as I should be. Discovering limits is a good thing. mother sent me a really odd e-mail. I bought her the Hero DVD for Mothers' Day. She said she enjoyed it, but that it kept her awake for three days "worrying." This worries me. However, she also mentioned that Dad is doing well and has regained a lot of the weight he lost in hospital. PDA has returned to full functionality after I reflashed the ROM and upgraded to Pocket PC 2002. I can finally use it just as I intended - not only as a calendar and address book, but as an mp3 player and e-book. I also installed an NES emulator on there for a while, but the controls are awful, so I took it off again.

In the next few days ...

..I'll be going to another NIN concert in Philly. Tomorrow I'll be missing the second concert because of a Henry V rehearsal, but hopefully I'll still get to hang out with internet buddies afterwards. summer college course in B&W photography will begin. I am excited!

..Henry V rehearsals will go into overdrive as tech week approaches. I guess this means I should learn my lines.

..I will have a rather incredible amount of time on my hands despite all this, relative to previous months. It remains to be seen whether I will use it wisely or bum around like I usually do when I have time. The only way I ever get anything done is if I'm astronomically busy. There is no in between.
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