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Thursday, May 12, 2005

I have no idea how I scored on the History and Government finals. There was a lot of guesswork involved in the multiple choice in both cases, and I wasn't as solid in the History short essay as I have been in the past.

However, something rather hilarious just happened to me. I studied Spanish all afternoon, only to discover when I arrived at the classroom just now that the final is optional for students with an average above 89%. My average in Spanish is sitting pretty at 98%, so I came straight home again. Apparently this wack-ass policy was announced last week in a class I missed because of Coachella. So there we go - I have a definite 'A' in Spanish.

(I'm not going to bitch bitterly about getting a high grade in Spanish - I think it's just one of those subjects I can grasp without working too hard at it.)

I kinda wish I'd known this before. I'm going to kill myself tonight writing this Shakespeare paper, and I could have used an extra three hours' sleep.

In other news, I bought some of these:

I don't smoke. Except for sometimes, when I have too much on my plate. I haven't had a clove cigarette in years, and when I discovered that the tiny tobacco store in Strawberry Square sells these, my favorite brand, I had to get some.

They say the sense of smell is connected to memory more strongly than any of the other senses. One puff, and I was once again a twenty-year-old newly made goth with a chip on my shoulder about Nine Inch Nails and a relationship-battered self esteem to rebuild. The sugar on my lips! The tingling numbness on the tip of my tongue! For a moment, I remembered smoking my first Gudam Garang at the Regent Hotel in Kingsford, and bumming Blacks from a medical student I met in a goth club in New York in 2002.

I'm not taking up smoking, I'm just reminiscing.
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