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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


My little toe is feeling much better! Thank you everyone for your expressions of concern. It had a lovely sleep last night, without waking up even once, and this morning it is weeping a minimal and healthy amount of pus. The nail may even decide not to fall off after all!

I have no health insurance, and no extra cash for a doctor, so it is a good thing my immune system seems to know what it is doing.

It's so ridiculous that possibly the least functional external structure on my entire body can cause such grief and pain. I hope I never get into one of those torture situations in which an inquisitor cuts off my little toes to coax information from me.

Now to start studying. Yes, you heard me correctly, "start." I have my final English reflective essay out of the way and handed in, and I have collected all the sources I'll need for my Shakespeare paper. Still on the list: cramming 4 weeks' worth of History and Government into two days, and revising six months of Spanish.
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