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Monday, April 25, 2005

I have a new Nine Inch Nails shirt. It is a flimsy, cheap piece of shit. I can't believe this is the official merchandise. Seriously, this thing is going to last five washes, tops.

I have a With Teeth hoodie to play around with as well. They're a lot nicer, but large enough to clothe an average Mexican village. I look like I'm wearing a bedspread. I'll see what I can accomplish with a sewing machine a little later on.

An M-Audio Omnistudio arrived on our doorstep today. Matt and I have started jamming whenever we're together at home for more than an hour before 10pm and neither of us is asleep (about twice a week). We've been experimenting with piano/drum machine and piano/bass combos - I seem to improvise best when I have a bass line I can work around, but I'd love to be able to shed that reliance eventually. The other day we invented a great piano/bass line, but it's impossible for us to record the two instruments separately simultaneously with our current setup, so we rushed off to eBay and found ourselves some gear (like we needed an excuse). I'm keen to get it down properly tonight so I can start arranging it into a coherent track and searching through poetry books for some lyrics.

I decided that I don't have time to go to kung fu class today because there is too much to do. It's overwhelming. The house is a mess, my todo list is dishearteningly long, the clock is deviously spinning his arms faster whenever my back is to him, and my mind is all over the place.

Plus, as you can see from this handy chart I just created with two spare minutes I don't really have, I am recently prone to frowning:

Yes, it's true! I have reached a state of such blogging zen, I no longer care if the world knows when I bleed. Extrapolate this graph, and you too will know for certain exactly when Mormolyke is most likely to snap your head off, or when she will beam at you with a kindness borne of hormonal balance.

I tried yet again to call my dad's doctor last night, forgetting it was Anzac Day in Australia and the surgery was closed. Damn. I'll try again this coming Friday. I wonder if dad's out of hospital yet.
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