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Sunday, April 03, 2005

I found a secret cache of photos of Matt and I at Erin's (not Matt's sister) wedding last year ...

For some reason, I think we both look about five years younger. Have we been so busy lately that we've visibly aged? Or maybe it's just the hair. I look older with long hair, and Matt looks older with short hair. When we're old fogies who are desperate to look young again, I'll have to remember to get a buzzcut and keep Matt's hair away from scissors.

My exams this week are going to suck terribly. Terribly. I'm covering negro spirituals in my history assignment, but in order to get good sources, I may need to drive up to Penn State college's library tonight after the final Glass Menagerie performance. It's a two-hour drive and I need to sleep, but I have four days to finish this assignment as well as study for my history exam and my government exam - and I can't rely on the results of my midterms to help me if I don't do so well, since I scored dismal B's previously.

God, I am so doom-and-gloom. It's probably the crappy weather. I need to snap out of it.
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