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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Review of The Glass Menagerie (by Alexis!!)
"Ambient music played onstage by violinist Melissa Dunphy also helps to create a dreamlike atmosphere."

I am playing Montjoy, Cambridge, and Jamy in Henry V, and not the Chorus as I'd hoped. However, I can't be disappointed because the actor will be playing the Chorus is fucking amazing. Heh, I'm glad; I'd much rather be outclassed than bitter!

I caught the bus home from the theater this morning, the first time I have used public transport in Central PA since a shirtless redneck tried to sell me an eight-ball of cocaine at the York interchange in 2003. I was pleasantly surprised! Not only are Harrisburg's CAT buses fairly priced, they are clean and seem to run on time, and they aren't used primarily by drug addicts and trash! For a few minutes I almost felt as though I lived in a real city (although the fact that the buses don't run later than 6:30pm quickly destroys that notion). The buses remind me of the new Sydney buses that always ran on the 400 route. Huh - "new"! Those Sydney buses are nearly ten years old now and probably all smell of alcoholic urine.
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