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Saturday, March 05, 2005

I've pissed away another overnight shift. I should have spent my time reading, studying, or writing the two papers that are due next week, and instead I farted around uselessly on the Internet for ten hours. I did learn a little more about CSS, though, in an attempt to change my new MySpace profile's appearance to something subtle. I'm considering redesigning this website with a similar color scheme. When I have time. Ha.

Then again, with so many urgent deadlines approaching, perhaps I'll spend the next 48 hours playing with Dreamweaver instead! That seems to be the way my mind works. When faced with two tasks, I always seem to work on the least important assignment first, ignoring the higher priority until the deadline is almost upon me and only option is panic. I exist in a constant cycle of idiocy, masochism, and maximum stress.

For instance, I currently have two papers to write for English. One, concerning the First Amendment, is due on Tuesday. I have all the sources I'll need, but I haven't started writing it or even thinking about how I'm going to present my argument. The second assignment, which I received in class on Thursday, isn't due for three weeks, but its topic is protest songs. I've already chosen the three I'll be dissecting (The Hand That Feeds, DaddyuWarbash, and Wrong), and I've already composed most of it in my head. The only reason I haven't written it down yet is the looming spectre of the First Amendment paper.

Man, that protest song paper is going to rock. If I like it enough, I'll post it here.
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