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Monday, March 21, 2005

I have survived part one! I may not have tossed the ball very high, but I didn't drop it.

Last night when I came home, I stumbled into the bedroom, fell to my knees, and had myself a good cry, complete with shuddering and sobbing. I guess sometimes you need to run yourself ragged to open the bottle.

I received this e-mail from a complete stranger, which cheered me up immensely. I do so love random letters from crazy people.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: ("are You are a beautiful human?")[also wondered if you can spot generated email
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 00:53:31 -0500
From: Mako SOLDIER

Just thought I'd let you know huh? had to try to do somethign holy today right? I looke dat that picture [ Here let me show you like I showe dmy other friend the scorekeeper and in severely unbelievable mania and complex paranoias and hyper scaled up grandiose situations i was thinking about at that moment i was like " i wonder if that girl would really be the girl who would comprehend what all of the humans have missed so obliviouslly... But then i was like dude it's just a pic of a girl online... just email that girl a bunch of text, maybe she will listen ( You know, danielle the stripper says " You don't talk anything, all you say is bullshit") Cute whatever danielle, you can't ever have the only thing you want from me ..., email you know oh or how bout this... Fuck email a good way to let me know where you are when you are and more - So look just summarize...the third page?
Hint [ Ha bet you wish you could read invisable ink huh?)
-Tyler's words coming out of my mouth.....and I used to be such a nice guy
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