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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am flying by the piece of gum stuck to the seat of my pants. Last night, I couldn't bring myself to do any work at all, so I went to bed early. It didn't do me much good - my sleep was restless. At 6:30am I had a dream that I was late, rolled over violently in a panic and collided hard with Matt. I had The Glass Menagerie this morning (Ready for it to be over now. Too much college. Yes.), then finished my Art as Argument assignment with minus five minutes to spare (I'm not going to post it. It isn't anywhere near as good as I wanted it to be because of the four-page limit, which I exceeded by one page anyway.), rushed through my make-up Henry V exam which I missed because of yesterday's GM performance (I walked out of the exam after 20 minutes and realized that I got a question wrong because I am a moron. "Which childhood friend died before Henry left for France?" Of course, the answer is "Falstaff," but I didn't think of that because it's too easy. Instead, I wrote "Scroop." Well, they were old friends, and Scroop did die. Phooey.), and now I'm scrambling to learn some more Spanish before my exam in 24 minutes. Or, rather, I'm writing all this down in my blog because my brain is full to overflowing and I don't feel like studying, and I'm overwhelmed because there's still a shitload of History and Government to cover, and ARRRGGRGRHGRHGHRHRHHHH!!!
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