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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Huh! Harrisburg is a pretty small city, so I guess this isn't the most amazing coincidence ever to occur, but it sure surprised me. The new actor residence for Gamut Theater is located in the same building Matt and I spent our wedding night (having HOTTHOTT wedding sex). I'd heard everyone at the theater talking about the "Towne House Apartments," but I assumed that they were referring to apartments that were townhouses, not the name of the building. I had completely forgotten that the hotel we stayed in immediately after we got hitched also offers residential suites. We must visit them sometime.

In some good college news, the Spanish exam I took on Tuesday (I have never been more under-prepared - seriously, I was learning major concepts fifteen minutes beforehand) was returned in today's class, and I scored 98%. Tada!

Hahaha, I made this shirt for the NIN tour:

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