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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

From a card I received in the mail a couple of days ago:
Dear Melissa & Matt,

Dad is going to be admitted to hospital to have a prostate cancer test. His doctor suspects him of having cancer. Last year before his birthday he fell down. This year he has more worry.

We are going to give him a surprise party.

Don't forget to congratulate him.

Love - Mum & Trevor.

And I received this e-mail today:
Dear Melissa &Matt.
Dad was out of hospital only one day, then had to go back in. A few
problems. doing ok. Hope to be out before the 20 th of march.
He is in the RPA hospital.
We received the hamper.Joe says thankyou.
Will make Joe's birthday party a lot more exciting, with the input from you
& matt .

Also, check your mail, theres a card with a lucky envelope as well.

LOVE Mum & Trevor

Maybe this is why I have been weirdly anxious and depressed these past few days. For some reason, I'm not associating how I feel with this news, but surely I can't learn that the man I've called "Dad" my whole life could have cancer without being shaken. I feel very disconnected. I keep putting it out of my mind. Yesterday when my acupuncturist asked how I was, I said I was tense because of college, work, and theater. I didn't think to mention that my dad is in hospital with suspected cancer. It didn't even occur to me to blog about it until just now. I've built a wall around it.

Life is very complicated. Well, no. My family is very complicated.
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