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Friday, March 11, 2005

For the last hour, I've been running through this damned Chorus monologue for my Henry V audition this afternoon. Why did I leave it so late? I've known what I want to perform for weeks now. Months, even. And yet, as per usual, I'm leaving it till two hours before my audition to actually memorize the bloody thing.

I hate the word 'puissance.' PWEEEEEE-sance. Yuck. And the alternate pronunciation "PEWWWWW-sance" is even worse.

I had another acupuncture session at lunchtime. Oddly, even though the pins were placed on exactly the same points, this time my hands grew really hot. On Wednesday, I thought my right hand was going to develop frostbite and drop off before the session was over.

The mild sprainy feeling in my right wrist was gone when I woke up, so thankfully there's nothing to that.

I do have a scratchy throat. I'm hoping that's due to the repetition of this damned monologue, and not due to the cold that everyone in Harrisburg seems to be contracting. I'm also drowsy because of the acupuncture. Maybe I could make a choice to deliver the monologue as a stoner?

[EDIT] I am a fucking moron. It was a non-monologue audition. That's two hours of my life I'll never get back.
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