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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dear Melissa & Matt ,
Today Dad had a fantastic party.
Trevor & I took the old Italian gentleman next door &Milan frrom fllat 1,
to the party. Joe was very moved.
The Italian Gentleman had his prostate cleaned up as well, he's 75. Dad said
they had removed a 3rd of his prostate. But mum said that Joe always makes
up stories. Have to wait and see. will keep you informed.
They will find out for sure if he has cancer on the 2nd of April.
To show off your LOVE ,we took the whole box of sweets that you sent to him,
to the hospital, as well as a large cake.
Well, you know what people are like, THE goodies are almost gone with the
nurses joining in as well. Anyway, it was worth it.
The fruit was well received.
Thank you both very very much.


mum's first go at the computer.
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