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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

This thread on ETS was a lot of fun to participate in. In fact, I'd say my posts in that thread were my main focus of the day yesterday. This is especially tragic given that it's now almost quarter to two in the morning, and I still have to finish a Shakespeare paper.

(It's a pretty easy paper, though. I'm just procrastinating for the fun of it.)

Yesterday morning, I spoke to a group of kindergarten students at the Harrisburg Academy about Australia, since they've been studying the country all year. Apparently I'm a "natural" at teaching six-year-olds; still, I can't see me volunteering to become a kindergarten teacher any time soon. Maybe if the procreation instinct kicks in at some point in the next twenty years, I could become a kindergarten teacher to help stave off the desire to multiply.

I kid. The kids were fun to talk to. Something rather bizarre happened during my presentation, however: a voice over the loudspeakers announced, "Mr. Gray is in the building," causing a teacher to turn out the lights and everyone to hide themselves under tables and bookshelves out of sight of the doors and windows. Apparently, the announcement is a signal that there is an intruder in the building. It was only a drill, but it was unnerving, to say the least, particularly since I just saw Bowling for Columbine again in my English class last week. I find the thought that children are routinely being taught what to do when a gun-toting maniac enters their school mildly terrifying.
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