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Sunday, February 13, 2005

It's link time!

My first accepted submission to PoE News. *sigh* I am so heartburstingly proud.

Market Square, Harrisburg, Pa. - B&W Silent Film
The production was shot in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on 24-26 December 1896. One of seven copyrighted films shot in late 1896 for presentation at the Bijou Theatre in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The films were purchased by a competitor when Edison’s Projectorscope left Harrisburg before the films were finished. The films were shown on 13 and 14 January 1897 at the Grand Opera House in Harrisburg.
The film isn't on the website, but news of its existence has piqued my interest, and I would love to lay my hands on a copy. My ongoing quest continues to develop some small fondness for Harrisburg since I'll be here for a while yet.

Autofellatio and Ontology
Yes, seriously. I found this site while researching the ouroboros. I ... I never considered the possibility of such a creation myth.

Remind me to get myself interviewed by this guy at some point in the near future.

The Aes Sedai-Ouroboros-Infinity Snake Ring
How do you tell when you're a complete fucking nerd? When the serious thought crosses your mind that you need this ring. Hey, it would totally go with my dragon's fang tattoo. Look! Here's another one.

Here are some pictures of Slow Andy that I found while I was searching for something completely different.

Ouroboros pictures through the ages. None of them look like something I want tattooed, though. The only thing I know for certain at this stage is that the eye of the serpent will look something like this:

I just saw an awful Diet Coke commercial, and suddenly I was possessed with a wild desire to go disco skating. Is that so wrong? I haven't skated in years.
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