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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I can't stop listening to the leaked songs. I am going to be delighted with this album. I'm also rather delighted because I need to study a protest song in my English class in a few weeks. I know just the one I want to examine.

I think I may have jumped the gun in interpreting "the hand that feeds" as the millions of poverty-level providers who feed, clothe, and gas America. More likely, that line refers to Republican party leaders feeding their supporters their beliefs and stances (and a few pointless tax breaks). Supporters "on their knees" are thus no better than brainless pooches taking commands from their masters in exchange for a few Scooby Snax.

On Monday night, I -- GODDAMIT that eBay commercial with the toy boat just came on the television and made me weepy. Does anyone else feel the uncontrollable urge to cry when they watch it? Something about the sound of the glockenspiel and the expression on the man's face. Here, I found a copy of it online. Watch it if you haven't seen it and tell me how abnormal I am. Waterworks! Every time!

What was I trying to say before? I'll start again. On Monday night, my starring scene in Two Front Teeth was shot. I totally wrecked my voice. My throat was a raw mess to begin with, and I pushed it too far with the crazy Evil Elf voice, yelling lines such as "Fuck yourself!" and "You fucks! You sick fucks!" Now it hurts to breathe. No singing for me for a while.

I did get to keep my teeth, though! My Halloween costume is set for years to come.

I am so worried about college. The procrastination must stop. It must.
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