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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Yesterday morning, stretching in bed, I remarked that we should drive to Pittsburgh just for the hell of it. So we did. I kind of wish I had picked a different day to have the whim, because it was a ghost town on New Year's Day. The only lively areas were fast food chains and a open-air skating rink right in the middle of town. It was neat to finally see Pennsylvania's other big city, though. Driving around aimlessly, we found the West End Lookout, which gave us an amazing view of the city.

Having stopped my Ephedrine intake after New Years Eve, last night I slept for twelve hours. I don't feel like I'm coming down. I did chew the inside of my mouth a little while sleeping on Friday night, but otherwise, there appear to have been few ill-effects from my mini bender.
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