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Monday, January 17, 2005

Oddly, there is a link to this blog from the American Zoetrope forums. I tried registering to investigate, but for some reason, the confirmation e-mail isn't coming through.

I have replenished my sleep bank with a hefty 14 hours of sleeping. There's one last skill I need to develop before I can be sure this weekdays vs. weekend-nights scheme will be successful: motivation to work while I am awake. Yesterday I felt too sluggish to study or practice or compose. Hopefully I'll get over that. Soon.

It snowed this morning and stuck to the ground. I felt the cold sorely until my lunchtime kung fu class warmed me up; I feel like I could walk a mile along the river naked now. Tomorrow morning my forearms will likely be bruised from blocking exercises. But I know I'm improving - for a start, the endorphin rush I have after class doesn't shut down my brain nearly so much as it used to.

I should get back to doing ... or trying to do.
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