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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Next Saturday the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg is hosting a special event to commemorate Australia Day and their upcoming Imax film The Land Beyond Time. (Isn't that close to the name of a really dippy cartoon movie about dinosaurs?) Thanks to an effusive recommendation from Zach, I have been officially hired as a consultant and onsite ... um ... Australian on the day. It's fairly exciting. I would be slightly more excited if I knew for sure that I'll get through the day without collapsing from exhaustion. Observe my schedule:

  • Shakespeare class from 10:00 to 11:00am on Friday
  • Publicity interview and discussion with Whitaker from 11:00am Friday
  • Try very hard to catch as much sleep as possible Friday afternoon to early evening
  • WHP master control shift from 10:30pm Friday till 9:00am Saturday
  • Popcorn Hat theater class assistant from 10:30am till 11:30am
  • Resident singing/smiling/didgeridoo-faking/Vegemite-scoffing Australian at the Whitaker Harsco Science Center from noon till 5:00pm

    In a quirky twist, on Friday morning I'm being interviewed about the Whitaker event for the WHP morning news, since WHP is Whitaker's media partner. So, on Saturday morning, I'll be running the switcher at WHP during the newscast on which I'll be appearing, a few hours before I work at the event.

    My name is also going to get dropped in a York Daily Record promo piece. Melissa Dunphy! All over Central PA!! All over it!! YEAH!!!
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