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Sunday, January 16, 2005

It is! It is getting easier!

Partly as a result of last weekend and partly as a result of the shooting schedule for Two Front Teeth, I'm starting to break the bonds of set sleeping patterns and reclaim my old ability to sleep and rise whenever I need. Since Wednesday, I haven't even had a cup of coffee, and I've managed to drive home from Ellicott City in dense fog at four in the morning, take twenty minute catnaps throughout my Friday night shift at WHP, and feel fairly awake while assisting with a theater class at Popcorn Hat. I'm starting to wonder if Doctor Vu was telling the truth back in first year med school.

Doctor Vu was an insane anatomy lecturer at the University of New South Wales. Rumor has it that he had been a bigshot surgeon in Vietnam before he immigrated to Australia during the war. Upon arrival, he was told that his foreign qualifications and experience were worthless and he would have to endure med school from scratch if he wished to continue his career. This discovery must have been what pushed him over the edge; he became a inhumanly freakish anatomy expert. He told us numerous times that he had trained himself to sleep for only four hours a night while he was in college. He claims that he doesn't dream at all, but falls immediately into a deep sleep. According to Doctor Vu, the only way to be a truly successful med student is to follow his model. Forget sleep - study! I never believed him. Doctor Vu also gave us detailed instructions for committing suicide before our final exam on the structures of the arm, just in case we hadn't studied hard enough. ("Don't cut the radial nerve, as the pain will probably cause you to pass out or chicken out.")

But maybe it is possible! Or maybe I'm not thinking clearly from lack of sleep.

I now have a far more evil email address than my evilemail address: Just looking at it makes my skin crawl.
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