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Saturday, January 29, 2005

BAH! They spelled my name wrongly.


(...) On Saturday, musician Melissa Dunthy Dunphy of Brisbane, Australia, will play the didgeridoo and teach visitors how to speak Australian.

"Some of it you can't say in mixed company," said Jonathan Elias, director of exhibits and programs at the center. "But there's a lot of colorful slang in Australia."

Dunthy Dunphy will also discuss the boomerang, a subsistence weapon, but there won't be any boomerang throwing, Elias said, partly because they do tend to come back at you. (...)

The next sixteen hours are going to SUCK. I meant to sleep before I came into work tonight, but I realized in the afternoon that installing ActiveSync on my laptop had nixed the audio output, which is just what I need when I'm trying to put down musical ideas for two plays. After fruitless hours of troubleshooting, I ended up reinstalling Windows XP from scratch. Eh, I needed a rebuild anyway; it's been over a year.

Why did I install ActiveSync on my laptop? I am now the owner of a slightly non-functional iPaq 3530, bought on eBay for $50. It works fine when the AC jack is plugged in, but the internal battery doesn't hold a charge, which is something of a problem in a mobile device which uses RAM for most of its storage. However, I picked up a new internal battery from a seller in Hong Kong for $13, and a set of Torx screwdriver bits.

(As an aside, I thoroughly despise manufacturers that try to make their products difficult for consumer to repair by using tiny torx screws. Then again, I guess I've hated Compaq for years anyway. Still, if it weren't for Compaq's consistently shoddy workmanship and service, I would never have become adept at repairing dead tech.)

In a couple of weeks, once I've repaired the iPaq and brokered a peace deal between ActiveSync and my audio outputs, I'll be ULTRA MOBILITY GIRRRRRRRLLLLLLL!
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