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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Anxious. Anxious anxious anxious. Not enough sleep. Coming down from stimulants. Didn't want to take too much ephedrine; resorted to vast quantities of caffeine. Anxious.

But hey, I ran the switcher all by myself during the hour-long local news broadcast this morning! That was right before I came home, shivering from the cold rain and my fried brain.

I shouldn't have attempted to adjust my sleeping patterns a day early. I should have just caught a good night's sleep on Thursday night.

Head swimming. Muscles quivering. Heart pounding. Throat swollen. Skin flaky. Eyes wide open.

My next ten-and-a-half-hour shift starts in five hours. I can do it.

My scalp stinks of perming solution, and I'm developing a paranoia about the smell. I'll post a picture of my new hair in a couple of days when I can wash it and allow it to settle. Right now, thanks to frizz, staring eyes and chalky skin, I look like the Bride of Frankenstein.
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