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Monday, December 20, 2004

This is a good day.

4.0 GPA, baby. Hopefully I can keep it up on 16 credit hours next semester.

A couple of months ago, I was disappointed because I had been turned down for a part-time weekend graveyard shift master control op position at WHP-TV. *cue heavenly sound of singing angels* Good things come to those who wait. The guy they hired didn't show up last weekend, and the job is up for grabs again - and once again, all indications seem to suggest that I will land it.

• Studio is five blocks from our apartment

• $10-per-hour, 20-hours-a-week regular gig

• Really slow shifts = studying, composing, learning lines, possibly even sleeping are allowed on the job

• Good experience for future television ops jobs
• The hours will probably make me chronically tired and/or insane, at least for a while

• Would have to seriously juggle theater commitments - might not even be able to do Macbeth

• Less weekend time with Matt

• It's Clear Channel. Clear Channel is the devil.

My knuckles are bleeding from kung fu again today. It seems Monday sessions are the most taxing on me.
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