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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Of Mice and Men ...

ZING! My darling Tripoli has caught her very first mammal as part of the Dunphy household!

'Sfunny, some guests were saying we would get mice after firing (more than) a few spud gun rounds on Saturday night. I guess they were right. However, with Tripoli's hunting skills now apparent, I welcome the mouse invasion with open arms! Do your worst, puny rodents! My fat, happy killer cat will destroy you with glee and vigor!

In other pictorial news, here is a picture of Mr. Clark Nicholson impersonating Trent Reznor in my kitchen.

He has another Trent Reznor impression which I am eager to digitally record and turn into an animated gif one of these days. Unfortunately, we didn't have the required props on hand for that one.

Hrmm, I'm being distracted, aren't I?
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