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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'm looking at Lemony Snicket stills, and my abdomen is physically hurting with jealousy. I wish I had been born 15 years later than I was. Thanks to this and Harry Potter, it's a wonderful, wonderful time to be a junior bookish goth.

Actually, my stomach is hurting because of something I ate. I'm not sure what.

I had my English final tonight. It was a piece of cake, though I don't think the essay was the best piece of writing I've ever produced. Still, I am not worried about English in the slightest; I don't think there is any doubt of an A.

Earlier, I did some acting work for Aurora Films which I mentioned in an earlier blog entry. Film is fun! I was having a good skin day, and I was wearing scrubs in my role as a nurse's aide. What I caught on the monitor looked a lot like General Hospital, snigger snigger.

I just found out that the starring child in Lemony Snicket is from Melbourne. I think I've seen her on an episode of Halifax F.P. I'm fascinated by her. Dammit! Lucy knows how I feel.
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