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Monday, December 13, 2004

I just finished my final exam for math. I have absolutely no idea how it went. For some reason, I have felt particularly slow and stupid the past few days. It's not PMS; maybe it's because I haven't been able to catch much sleep lately. At any rate, I moved very slowly through the questions, and my mind frequently felt woolly and useless. It was something of a shock when I finally looked up to find there were only ten minutes left, and nobody was left in the exam room. Every HACC exam I've taken before this one has been simple and easy enough for me to complete in under an hour. Still, maybe it was a particularly difficult exam. Nobody else in the room was taking the same test. In fact, according to the sign-in sheet, I am the first person in my class to take it.

I came home so frazzled that I have begun drinking the Vanilla Smirnoff Bill Dickensheets left in my freezer at our housewarming. Just to take the edge off the stupidity. Or something.

My hands and forearms are still shaking with fatigue from my kung fu class, and I've only just realized that my right wrist is sore, presumably as a result of repeated palm blocking.

Now I'm going to make a sweet potato and butternut pumpkin bisque with the leftovers from the WITF cooking show this weekend. Apparently these are two exampes of SUPER FOODS. I'll let you know if I acquire the ability to fly.
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