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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Heh. "More than a few" errors on that VB.NET assignment ended up being two points, so my score was 116/118. I'm a little suspicious - was my professor being excessively generous? I'm sure I gave her more than two points' worth of dodgy answers.

Final grades are being posted on Tuesday. In the meantime, I am trying to juggle piano practice, composition (or rather, thinking about composition, since nothing is on the page yet), preparation for the spring term, catching up on domestic housework*, and spending some long overdue quality time with Matt. Thus I am finding myself rather busier than I thought I would be four days after my last final.

I saw Lemony Snickett with the aforementioned husband tonight. Visually stunning. Accents confusingly disparate.

*For example, two days ago I decided to make a quilt out of all the scrap material I have stored under the sewing machine table. It took all day to sew, but I'm proud of the result, as it turned a very old and ugly off-white duvet which we were thinking of discarding into a rather dashing red-and-black coverlet of mixed textures. And it's useful - since the temperature has dropped sharply (tonight snow lay on the ground for the first time this season), we need an extra layer on our bed if we are to save on our gas bill by turning the radiators off at night. I might take a picture later.
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