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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Most of my anger at the election result has been vented on conservatives in the Echoing the Sound forum. Since the election result was in their favor, justifying their beliefs in their own minds, they have come out in droves to restate their views on religious and political issues. Because Echoing the Sound is a Nine Inch Nails forum, the outspoken conservative members all have the IQs of lower primates, and, like shooting fish in a barrel, it has been effortlessly entertaining to slaughter their arguments. I feel like Ares, dancing through multiple threads spreading war and flames. It doesn't make a difference to the outcome of the election or the state of the country, but it saves my sanity.

I have also joined the forums for A Prairie Home Companion and St Paul Sunday. I'm not quite sure what I'm hoping to get out of them. The PHC forum contains a lot of political debate because of Garrison Keillor's liberal leanings, but there's also a lot of restraint, which ultimately leaves me feeling empty. The St Paul Sunday forum is almost completely unpopulated, but allows for interesting discussions about classical music - and I can have one-on-one conversations with the producers of the show. I guess I'm looking for more intellectual discussion and reading to supplement my POE-News diet.
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