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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

In happy news, I visited the Kung Fu center on Rte 22, and I am booked into an introductory class Friday week. (The bad news is that it's $109 per month for continuing classes. I'm mulling it over.) And while I was on that side of town, I went looking for the Asian grocers I have heard is in the area.

There are not one, but two excellent Asian stores tucked away back there! One is an Indian grocer, and sells lots of curry pastes and sauces! And the other is a Chinese grocer, where I can not only get red bean paste and custard steamed buns, but fresh produce, teas, and plenty of knick knacks which I wish I knew were available in Harrisburg sooner. And both stores sell good light soy sauce! Ah, consumer bliss!
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