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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Where has Melissa been these last six weeks?
The only friends she's seen are theater geeks!
In all her spare time, she's been locked away
Rehearsing for a dark and stormy play:
As Ariel, she's knocked her shins and knees
And stretched her hamstrings leaping, climbing trees
And dancing in a way befitting quite
The role of Prospero's airy-footed sprite.

If you would like to see her tread the boards,
Depriving frightened villains of their swords,
And singing sweet and soporific songs,
And doing deeds to right three nobles' wrongs,
And conj'ring storms to wreck a royal fleet
Whilst speaking lines of five iambic feet,
O, then you should most certainly attend
The Tempest, which will open this weekend:

October 30 - November 21

Friday at 7:30 pm
(Bring a Friend)

Saturday at 7:30pm

Sun at 2:30pm
(Bring Your Own Price)

Third Floor, Strawberry Square
(Above the Food Court)
Harrisburg, PA 17101

$20 General Admission
$15 Students/Seniors

If you be short of money in your hand,
Fear not, for they provide a low-cost plan:
"Bring Your Own Price" on Sundays if you're poor
And any sum will get you through the door.
For Friday shows, it's buy one, get one free,
Which means half price if you have company.

Now, if you're flu$h, and want to do your part
Supporting the pursuit of Shakespeare's art,
Adopt a Tempest role (like ME, wink wink!)
By clicking on this handy little link:

If you aren't bored and wish to read more yet,
There's more material on the Internet:

Come see The Tempest, if you have a care:
I guarantee you'll find Melissa there!

(..because I am she. Enough of this third-person garbage.)

-- Melissa Dunphy
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