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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

An elaborate game of spot the difference.

This morning I had an interview for a Comunications Analyst position at WITF. Honestly, I think I would be perfect for the position, and the interview went really well. However, the Better Business Bureas has offered me a receptionist/customer service position.

Do I want to:

(a) Take the secure option and grab the BBB job, even though it's only $8.50 an hour. I'd be hard pressed finding a 20-hour-a-week job that paid more than that around here anyway.


(b) Wait for two weeks to see if I get the Communications Analyst position at WITF?

Every day is another choice, and I know each choice I make will affect my life in a momentous way, at least in the short term and probably the long term. Is this what maturity brings? An enhanced perception of the gravity of consequences, leading to perpetual dread?

Dishonest Dubya Action Figure - the pretzel choke made me lol.
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