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Thursday, October 21, 2004


Ever wondered what happens if you leave a wok containing the remnants of spaghetti sauce on a stovetop for a couple of weeks?

How did this happen, you ask? I believe the creation of this beautiful but unbelievably ill-smelling work of art commenced when my wonderful but delightfully unobservant husband offered to wash the dishes after I made dinner. The wok in which I had made the dinner, of course, was overlooked. Since the lid was left on the wok, I guess we both presumed it was clean on subsequent dishwashing occasions.

Today I came home early from work, since there's precious little for me to do there anymore, and decided to finish some housework before writing a couple of English journals and condensing my VB textbook into notes. I picked up the wok to hang it on its usual hook ... and found the fascinating moist array of fungi which you can see above.

I can't seem to get the smell out of my hands.
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