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Monday, September 27, 2004

WHAT IS GOTH? is out!!! Pick up your copy today for a great big picture of me, probably the first time my image has been published in marketable book form.

Buy one for your goth friends, your stodgy family, your newborn babies! Make me popular and proud! Encourage more full-page photographs of me in hardcover coffee-book publications!

It's some form of this photo, by the way.

I haven't actually seen it myself - only just placed my Amazon order five minutes ago.

Two encounters at rehearsal tonight (last night) were ... mystifying and wonderful. Danielle, our movement coach, took me aside and gave me some high praise, calling me "fearless." I like that: "fearless." I know there are moments when I experience horrible fear that others don't seem to have, but during rehearsal of this production, I have been strangely removed from fear. On Saturday, we experimented with blocking for Arial's harpy speech ("You are three men of sin ..."), and I was lifted in a kneeling position by two people until I was supported only on my shins high above their heads by their straight arms. I felt safe.

I can remember being too terrified to sit on my stepfather's shoulders at the Exhibition in Brisbane when I was a child. I would only ride piggyback. I was terrified of falling. It's funny how things change.

Clark also showed me a small-framed road bike that he wants to give to me. He's going to fix the brakes and the chain tension and have it ready in a few days. "Anything for my Arial," he says. I don't know why, but I wanted to cry -- from a sort of shyness? I was so moved, but I was afraid to show it. There's something emotionally astounding about doing this show, anyway.
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