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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Things are kind of overwhelming. So many things at once. Finding a place to live in Harrisburg, organizing part-time work, getting ready for Tempest rehearsals to begin, studying for college. I'm average 100% in all of my classes so far. Except Spanish, in which I am averaging 102%. I'm wary of this, because the moment I get even 99% on a paper, assignment or exam, I'll be crushed.

I've been avoiding communcation for a couple of weeks. Half the world seems to think I'm dead and is worried about me. I want to tell them not to be worried, but I also don't want to communicate.

Matt took down his design of Kelli Harman's website. Now it's back to it's old, revolting, incredibly amateur cyan blue design. Kelli Harman's lawyer isn't working with her on this anymore because she is in the wrong, and won't negotiate. We will take her to court. What a stupid, immoral woman she is. On top of that, she hasn't paid me yet for promotional work I did in July. I certainly hope she does, or I'm going to be forced to bring the Attorney-General into it again. Or maybe I'll contact him anyway. I'm sure he'll be delighted to learn that Kelli is up to her old tricks again.
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