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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Now, I would normally never really leaf through the Wall Street Journal, but today as I was filling up a cup of tea in the lunch room, I noticed an article about none other than Japanese Lolita fashion on the front page. "The Little-Girl Look Is Big in Japan Now - Amongst the Brave," says the title. As you can imagine, the rather condescending and conservative article in the paints Lolita devotees as a bunch of maladjusted freaks.

'By dressing up like babies, the Lolitas are attempting to hang on to the carefree days of childhood, [a psychiatrist] says.' For some reason, this sentence conjures up images of perverted, fat grown men in diapers on Maury or Springer rather than the Lolita fashion movement.

'"Dressing up like this and having people stare at them makes them feel their existence is worth something," says ... a clinical psychologist who has done case studies and written articles about Lolita culture.'

Probably my favorite quote: 'Ms. Otani [a Lolita], the store clerk, says her clothes get so many stares that her boyfriend, who dresses in punk fashion, won't go out with her unless she wears something else.'

There are plenty more phrases and sentences which made me smirk.
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