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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

******N.B. EDITED******

So, AN UNNAMED WOMAN's lawyer called Matt today! Dialogue is occurring, and I certainly hope this whole matter will be resolved justly in short order. The most hilarious news of the day, delivered by said lawyer, is that AN UNNAMED WOMAN is now a reader of my blog! Hi AN UNNAMED WOMAN!!!!! I'm so glad you found my little corner of the internet.

As her lawyer related to Matt, AN UNNAMED WOMAN wishes for me to remove my blog entry of a couple of days ago. In this blog entry, I expressed my fairly negative opinion of AN UNNAMED WOMAN. Now, in the interest of fostering this new dialogue between AN UNNAMED WOMAN's lawyer and Matt, I have indeed removed this blog entry. However, it has been saved as a draft, pending the outcome of the aforementioned dialogue.

Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis know the contents of that blog entry. However, those of you who missed it should stay tuned! Should AN UNNAMED WOMAN decide to mend her ways, cease in her efforts to swindle Matt, and pay us the four-figure sum she contractually owes us, I guess my opinion of her will be raised just enough for me to refrain from posting negative commentary regarding her business practices on the World Wide Web. Should AN UNNAMED WOMAN decide that she is going to continue down the irresponsible path of iniquity she favored last week, I'd venture to say my opinion of her would sink to new and unexplored lows. And, since this is my very own little corner of the internet, and since I'm perfectly entitled to express my opinions, gained through experience, on my own weblog, I guess there would be nothing stopping me from publishing that draft blog entry again. And then some!

I don't take kindly to being crossed.

Fires happen, Colonel. Things burn.
-- Monty Python
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