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Thursday, September 02, 2004

The most amazing thing happened today while I was walking to lunch with Matt and our financial advisor (Chris Henshaw at Morgan Stanley, whom I like instinctively) in downtown Harrisburg. Kelli Harman confronted us, right there on the sidewalk! It was hilarious and wonderful fun! The conversation went something like this:

Kelli Harman: (Waving at us) tHeRE he IS! (To me, wild-eyed) yOu HAvE tO StoP thIs ChILdIshNEsS.
Me: I think there's childishness on both sides here, Kelli.
Kelli Harman: THiS iS bETwEeN mATt aNd mE. mAtT kNOwS WhAT hE dID wRoNG.
Me: Kelli, we have a lunch date, we really should be go--
Kelli Harman: hE'S ADmITteD tO bEiNG lATe aND ScrEWinG Up.
Me: I don't think he's admitted to that, Kelli.
Kelli Harman: yOu NeeD tO gROw uP!
Me: No, you need to grow up and pay your debts like an adult.
Kelli Harman: wHAt yOU'Re dOiNG iS dEfaMAtIoN oF cHArACter!!
Me: Just try it, Kelli.
Kelli Harman: i WiLL!
Matt: Have a great day.
Kelli Harman: I wILl!

Isn't that priceless?

Anyway, despite the fact she doesn't have a leg to stand on, in the interest of complete legal safety, I have edited some portions of my blog. Enjoy!
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