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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

BWAHAHA!! Check this out. Harman's 16yo web intern has surreptitiously put his own personal webpage on the Harman Agency's domain:

Click for some truly wonderful and inappropriate reading courtesy of Mr. Warren Pletcher! Yes, that's right, you can find a lengthy questionnaire as well as pictures, and your chance to apply to be Warren's girlie, all at!

Some of my favorite quotes:
Obsessions?: watching porn.
Addictions?: sex.

What's your biggest fear?: bitchy girls when ur trying to be nice

Do drugs?: no. weed isnt a drug

Made out with a stranger?: can't say that i have but sure i would if they were hott.

Kissed the same sex?: absofuckinlutly nottt.

What do you find romantic?: fireworks. and layin together under the stars, with a girl whos not prude..
Turn-on?: not being a bitch, and not being stuck up
Turn-off?: cocky girls... and fat girls...

Right This Moment...
Are you going out?: yea to get the vodka out of my car

Perfect Girl Survey as according to me
1. Hair color: brown/blonde the style matters more
2. Eye color: blue
3. Height: dont matter as long as its less than 1 inch taller then me
4. Hot Stomach: hell yea
5. Long or short hair: long
6. Glasses: nah
7. Piercings: dont matter
8. Scars: dont matter
9. Eyebrows: what the fuck?
10. Big butt or little: nice butt
11. Big boobs: i guess
12. Fat or Skinny: Skinnier
13. Straight teeth: yes
14. Funny or serious: both
15. Party or stay at home: both
16. Should she cook or bake?: cook would be nice
17. Should she have a best friend?: a good one
18. Should she have alotta guy friends?: as long as shes faithful
19. Outgoing or shy: outgoing
20. Sarcastic or sincere: both
21. Should she love her mother?: yea
22. Should she watch guy movies?: dont matter
23. Would she be a smoker?: not ciggeretts
24. Would she drink?: yeah
25. Would she swear?: moderatly
26. Would she play with your hair?: i guess so
27. One or more guys at a time: 1..what kinda question is that
28. Would she pay for dates?: nah
29. Does she kiss on the first date?: yeah
30. Know anyone that fits this?: yeah

Isn't that fantastic? Their web intern shamelessly flaunts the fact he's a drinking, swearing, dope-smoking, sex-addicted 16yo with poor grammar skills on their own domain! I love it.

The funniest part of it is that, despite all the homophobia on the front page, his "perfect girl" link, describing the characteristics of the sort of girl he'd like to date, is titled "perfect guy" in the HTML. Freudian slip, anyone?
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