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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

This was a RIDICULOUSLY difficult e-mail to write. I feel like I'm breaking up a relationship. I am now in a state of extreme anxiety as to his reaction.


I can't juggle full-time college as well as full-time work. But I love working at WITF, and I am loath to resign - especially also considering the difficulty of finding a replacement programming assistant when there are so many other positions to fill at WITF. I have no desire to leave you in the lurch. What I would really like to do is work out some sort of part-time situation as programming assistant, once the TV traffic co-ordinator job has been filled by a new full-time employee - which hopefully would be before classes start at the end of August.

I guess I also need to approach Alex and Barry to discuss the matter, but of course I am running it past you first. I feel really bad about asking for this at a time when things are already stretched to the limit in the HR department, but this situation has been a rather unexpected development which I couldn't even have imagined at the time I committed to taking on programming assistant. If you decide that you would rather have a full-time employee in the position, I will understand, but I'm extremely eager to stay on, and I believe we could find a way to make it work out.

Again, I feel so awful, and I can't apologize enough, but I hope you'll understand the circumstances.

I guess we should sit down and talk sometime tomorrow ...

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