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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Met with Craig this morning. It's all good; naturally, I was stressing for nothing. Interestingly, Alex the HR person had spoken to him yesterday about it - despite the fact that I had told her "off the record." Hrmmm.

This is how it's going to pan out:
  • They are going to hire someone early next week, and I will have to train them while I am still full-time (I hope I can accomplish that before I go on vacation)

  • The customer service calls and e-mails will be transferred to the membership department

  • I will be working with Craig on administrative stuff like ratings

  • Hourly pay etc has not yet been decided

Well, there, that's no so bad! Load off my chest. But it doesn't make me like the TV traffic co-ordinator side of my job any more than I do now. I'm still killing to go on vacation.
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