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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

From NYC ... possibly my favorite image sequence ever.

On Monday, while glowering at my desk, I wrote an angry e-mail to a producer who is thick. I mean, really thick. and was told off by my boss for being "over the top" and "reprimanding someone in another department." That put me in a bad mood for two days. I took yesterday off and cleaned the house.

I tried going to my first English Comp 101 class in the evening, but when I arrived at ARTS 216, ten minutes late, it was empty and I could find no note indicating whither the class had disappeared. The student center knew nothing. I called the phone number of the professor.

"To leave a message for Bev Sweger, press 2."


"Welcome to the automatic voicemail system. You have reached the voice mailbox of ... Roger Ford ... to leave a message, start speaking after the tone ..."

I tried this a number of times. Finally, I left a message in Roger Ford's voicemail. It was a vaguely surreal experience.

I'm back at work today, for the second time this week. Lord knows, I don't want to be. Post-vacation depression.

Tripoli was spayed yesterday*. The bizarro news is that she is not pregnant after all. She is recovering well. The painkillers seem to have made her more playful than normal. I think she's tripping on them.

*I am learning not to say "desexed" in this country. Felicia cracked up when she first heard me say "desexed," and now I can't help but say "desexified" instead.
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