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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Excuse me if this blog entry sounds bloated, but I've just eaten more pizza than I can handle, and half my mind is concentrating on trying to will the swill of pepperoni and cheese safely into my lower digestive tract.

Last weekend was as eventful as usual. On Saturday I drove to Baltimore (or more accurately, Matt drove as I memorized lines) to audition for Two Front Teeth, a low-budget, independent horror flick to be released Christmas 2005. My reading was barely passable and far from brilliant by my standards, but I managed to land the role of one of the evil elves. Yes, this is a Christmas-themed horror movie about Santa and his ne'er-do-well sprites from Hell's North Pole.

A hype article about Two Front Teeth on Red Hot Planet.

I have a speaking role which will involve a great deal of latex, blood and gore, and some minor stunts, finally culminating in a decapitation (I assume) and some disembodied head action. Rehearsals will begin sometime in the late fall and early winter, and I have a make-up rehearsal session later this month.

As you can imagine, I'm pleased! If nothing else, I'll get some hilarious portfolio shots and some fun stunts training. And, fingers crossed, an IMDB entry, so I won't be so jealous of Anthony.

Huh, I just noticed that his IMDB entry URL ends in 242. Funny coincidence.

Tune in for my next entry, during which I pluck up the motivation to write effusively about my gig on Saturday night, which I played at the Chameleon Club with Second Sky. 'Twas marvellous. But now I have to lie down, as I believe gravity is having a detrimental effect on the pizza.
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