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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Yesterday I spoke to Mum on the phone again, and she sounded a lot less batty. I accidentally calculated the time difference wrongly and woke her up in the middle of the night, though :/

What would be the best way to break the news to WITF that I no longer want to work there? There are many reasons, but I don't want to give them all, because it feels like I'm scrambling for excuses if I do.
1. My mother gave me control of a trust fund, and wants me to go back to college fulltime. Who am I to say no?
2. My husband quit his work and may be starting his own business, and I want to help him, particularly since it means I'll be able to see more of him.
3. Theater commitments have become too hectic, and it's work I'd rather do.
4. Everyone else is leaving WITF. Cf. rats, sinking ship.

I might just approach them with an offer to work part-time only. And if they say no, I'll still be able to do part-time production work, which is more interesting than programming anyway (and a union position).
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