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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

OK, I forgot to call him. I'll do it tomorrow.

I need more sleep.

Has anyone tried pure DXM?

I'm finally taking full advantage of working at a TV station. Lately I've been listening to (*coughcopyingcough*) lots of awesome CDs from the music library that I don't own. Arvo Part, Karajan's complete Beethoven Symphonies, Victor Borge, Nixon in China. Arvo Part is a genius.

There is supposed to be a goddamn umlaut over the 'a' in 'Part,' but apparently blogscript doesn't like it.

I've also started using the facilities to dub copies of Romeo and Juliet for myself and other cast/crew members. Bill Speakman videotaped one of the performances at Liberty Place back in ... what month was it? March? April? It's so strange to watch. Firstly, it's always odd watching a live play on video, because the taping always makes the production feel amateur, like you're watching a parent's video of a high school performance. And we all sound like we're yelling because Liberty Place was such a huge hall to fill, and we were forced to project like mad. And, well, it's just difficult to watch yourself pulling distraught faces for an entire act. And I find it spooky to see a girl in a pink dress, who looks exactly like me, apparently lost in a passionate liplock with another actor. I don't know how Matt can stand it. Yet more evidence of what an amazing person he is (as if any further evidence is needed).
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