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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Oh, god, I am so stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard that Open Stage of Harrisburg was putting on The Threepenny Opera in the Fall.

Now, in general, I hate musicals. But I love Brecht/Weill musicals.

I was so excited by the news, I immediately and unthinkingly called Open Stage and arranged an audition.

The audition was supposed to be yesterday evening. But when I looked in my datebook yesterday and saw the audition note there, I suddenly realized that there is no way in hell I can possibly do the show. I just don't have time. And I would rather do The Tempest with Gamut in October/November. Wouldn't I?

So ... I didn't show up for my audition.

That was pretty stupid of me, for starters. But not unforgivably stupid. I assumed that, since Threepenny is such a popular show and an awesome opportunity, they'd just strike me off the list of possible castees, label me unreliable, and that would be that.

Today, goddamn Don Alsedek, the artistic director Open Stage, calls me and asks me to audition.

What the hell?

I told him that I'm really busy with Romeo and Juliet at the moment, which is why I didn't show at my audition. Which is kinda true - I did have a rehearsal last night, which I would have been late for if I'd auditioned. He said he'd talk to the MD of Threepenny and call me with a daytime audition time next week.


How am I supposed to turn down Don Alsedek? But there's no way I can do the show. Stupid stupid stupid.

Should I just audition for the sake of auditioning? I mean, just because I audition, doesn't mean I have to do the show, right? Right?
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