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Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm very, very tired, but hanging on. The last two nights have been devoted to rehearsals for Midsummer, which opens tomorrow night. Preparations have been complicated by a car accident involving Mark (Puck) and Amber (Moth on saxophone). Mark was relatively uninjured, but Amber was apparently banged up pretty good. The medical word is that she will be able to perform on Friday night, but she may not be able to rehearse, and to prepare for the worst case scenario, I've been asked to figure out a way of possibly rearranging my songs and pieces. This is doable, but somewhat difficult - seeing as Moth has so few lines in the play, I'd given Amber the majority of the melodies in the songs.

Last night, rehearsal (a little over-emotional) ran until nearly midnight, and the night before until 11:30. I'm kind of floating right now. If I didn't have to perform a show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, I'd probably be actively seeking stimulants.

On top of all this, I've been throwing together a hurried Cast & Crew webpage for Romeo and Juliet. I'm stealing most of the ideas from the Midsummer Cast & Crew page. Well, it's not as if production webpages differ much in basic needs.

So tired. Thank goodness for this past long weekend, or I think I'd lose it. I spent at least 50% of my time chilling out, watching films, hanging out at Artsfest, meeting up with actors from Midsummer in a social (smoke-enhanced, impossibly giggly) environment and introducing them to Matt.

Things wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to be up by 7:30am in time to arrive at WITF at 9:00 each morning. 15-hour days (with a hour of driving tacked on each end) are somewhat challenging after a few in a row.
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