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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I just checked the Midsummer Night's Dream online schedule, and it appears that I do not have a rehearsal tonight. Yet, somehow, there is a rehearsal marked in my diary, between 9:15 and 10:45pm. Did I imagine it? Did some horribly masochistic part of my psyche write it in there when the rest of me wasn't looking? Was it a ghost?

I am looking for a new car, since the carburetor rebuilding experiment went awry. This is a difficult task, because I have a fetish for very, very small cars with excellent fuel economy, and it appears that this country is not very good at manufacturing cars to those specifications. My fantasy car, the Mini Cooper, is too expensive and sporty, and my favorite car, the Honda Civic hatchback, has had its secondhand price driven too high by riceboy shitheads. But Bill tells me there is a Mazda Miata for sale in York for $4900, which might be a goer.

Tomorrow I am taking my viola to a violin shop with the intention of putting it up for sale.
Not much more I want to say about that, lest I become unnecessarily emotional and attached to an inanimate object that I haven't touched in nearly a year.

My new least favorite ailment is the urinary tract infection. I do not understand why natural selection has not banished it from the species, or at least lowered its intolerably high prevalence among females, specifically me. This is the ultimate argument against evolution, you silly creationists. Forget God and the bible. Ask the scientists why women must throw up and piss razors all the goddamn time.
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