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Monday, April 26, 2004

There is a billboard on Route 83 in Harrisburg, which says "WINK104 - Harrisburg's Best music" and features a giant image of Jon Bon Jovi. Jesus Fucking Christ.

Sometimes it is a very good idea to talk too much. My incessant talking has led to the offer of a lucrative website design deal. If I weren't constantly telling everyone how much I enjoy the internet, and details of the Harman Agency deal, Matt and I probably wouldn't have been the first people Courtney thought of when she was asked by a friend for a keen web designer to throw together a page for a senatorial campaign in Florida. 10 days, $3000. Maybe. I'm trying to stitch it together.

I'm getting pretty goddamn sick and tired of coughing. My intercostal muscles are aching.
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