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Thursday, April 22, 2004

nicknames: Mel, Morm, Mormy, Smelly Melly Shong Pong (archaic)
screen name: Mormolyke
when is your birthday?: April 11
eye color: brown
hair color: black
natural hair color: Eurasian dark brown
your favorite people: Matthew (the one I love), Jason (the one I grew up with), Lucy (the one who knows all my secrets), Manek (the one I miss), Mihali (the one I don't know enough)
outfit: Anything as long as it's plain and black. Well, maybe not a muumuu. No, actually, I think I would wear a plain black muumuu.
hairstyle: two buns on side of head
jewelry: The two items of jewellery jewelry I never take off (except for roles) are my wedding ring (very plain, white gold, I love it), and my silver Masonic necklace.
underwear: Predictably, I love plain, black underwear.
nail color: I'm down with the natural look these days.

do you:
cut yourself:
lick yourself: occasionally
whine a lot: when I'm sick (like now), sure.
yell a lot: Not as much as I used to. Jesus, I've grown mellow and lame. Look at me, I'm posting a Q&A in a fricking blog.
hate a lot of people: 'Hate' is a very strong word. But certainly there are one or two people I love to hate.
have too many friends: No. But when I look at the backlog in my e-mail inbox, yes.
want to die: no
have a bf/gf: I have a husband. That's bf++.
do drugs: No comment.
wear dark colors: ... plain ... and black ...
dye your hair: yes
shave strange places: occasionally

have you ever:
kissed someone:
kissing is so gross
gotten drunk: yes
worn rainbow: Plain. Black.
talked on the phone for over 3 hours: Yes. Now ask me if there was someone on the other end of the phone.
left the country: Left which country? Um, that would be a yes.
had a party with over 30 people: yes
taken nude pictures: Once long ago, I opened someone else's mail and found a nude photo of an old guy (with a great big red ribbon around his genitals). So I took it to school with me.
stolen something: yes
caught something on fire: I was cooking chips (Americans, read: fries) in a pan while at home by myself in my early teens, and the pan caught on fire because I overheated the oil. I ran the whole thing outside before the 4-foot flames could damage anything and made the stupid mistake of pouring water on it. No major damage, but the pan was fucked. I had to throw it away. I hid it in the bottom of the trash because I didn't want my mother finding out. To this day, as far as I know, she had no idea where that pan disappeared to.
cheated on someone: Yes, but I had my reasons.
wanted to cheat on someone: Yeah, I guess. It was a pretty bad relationship, though.
asked someone out: yes
been dumped: too many times
dumped someone: yes, but not very solidly
had a dream, then the next day it happens: yes

last person:
you touched:
you talked to: Matt
you hugged: Matt
you kissed: Matt
you instant messaged: Dan Toose
who broke your heart: ex-boyfriend Eoghan

are you:
not sure I get the question
open-minded: yes
arrogant: I'm going to have to say yes. But it's not my fault. You'd be arrogant too if you were this great.
insecure: OK, OK, I admit it's all a facade.
interesting: I've been told so
hungry: like a wolf
smart: apparently
moody: sometimes
childish: often
independent: yes
hard working: two jobs ... two bands ... three plays so far this year ... when is it going to end?
healthy: Ever since I moved here, no. I seem to get very sick once a month or so.
emotionally stable: other times
shy: no
difficult: when I'm moody, I'm difficult
attractive: I've been told that too. Especially by those who e-mail DITC and the Hotline. I believe the most commonly used phrase is "UR HOT, LOL!"
bored easily: yes, I'm bored already
thirsty: yes
obsessed: obsessive
angry: for short periods
sad: Do you ever feel sad? Then you need Paxil!
happy: Most of the time, especially these days
trusting: no
ill: *cough cough cough HACK HACK*
talkative: to the extreme
ignored: not if I can help it
reliable: generally
self-disciplined: no one else is going to do it
sleepy: I wish I weren't. Though I guess I should be careful what I wish for.
lonely: No. Wait, sometimes.

info about yourself:
how tall are you?:
shoe size?: 6/6.5
brothers/sisters?: younger brother Mihali (half brother really, though I don't think of him as such), four half siblings Theo, Peter, Ellen, Soula
job?: Programming Assistant/TV Traffic Coordinator/Part-time Production at WiTF Harrisburg. Actor in various professional plays in the Central PA area. Promotional model through the Harman Agency.

what is your favorite band:
Nine Inch Nails
color: black
soda: Bundaburg ginger beer
music: too much to choose from. Right now, probably minimalism.
stores in the mall: Hot Topic, Borders
ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough
roller coaster: Probably the one at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast
candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
cd: The Fragile
cookies: white chocolate macadamia nut
juice: carrot
holiday: any
month: April, October

in the last 48 hours:
missed someone: lots of folks in Australia
yelled at someone: No. I couldn't yell if I tried right now anyhow.
changed your underwear: yes
drove somewhere: to the shops
talked to someone on the phone? Cliff, Felicia, Jason and a wrong number
been online: nearly constantly
smiled: yes
had sex: yes
kissed someone: yes
hugged someone: yes
last thing you ate: Arby's Martha's Orchard salad and curly fries with horseradish sauce
talked to an ugly person: I bet that wrong number was ugly

have you ever:
been in love:
kissed someone of the same sex: yes
been in trouble with the police: yes
hit someone: yes
broke something: I broke a sweat last night
betrayed a friend: Yes. I made up for it, though.
played strip poker: yes
skipped school: yes
shot a gun: When I was 8 years old, my father tricked me into pulling the trigger of a loaded shotgun up in the mountains in Greece. The resulting boom and kick made me cry for an hour.
broke something important: yes
smoked weed: yes

okay last questions:
what is sitting next to you:
my husband
do you get along with your mother: very well now that we're on separate continents
favorite sport: Tennis or cricket. Specatator only.
are you gay/lesbian/bi/straight?: straight
been in a plane: plenty
killed someone: no
stepped in dog shit: yes
slept during class: I used to fall asleep in my med lectures all the time. Too much drinking. More than a little embarrassing.
cheated on a test: thought about it very seriously a couple of times
are you bored of taking this survey: yes, extremely
what time is it now: 10:15pm
are you tired: No. Time to fix some Harman Agency webpages for Matt ...
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