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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I've recently come to a conclusion: the outrage over the demotion of Morning Edition host Bob Edwards is an outstanding demonstration of the hypocrisy of NPR's listenership. Here is a group of people who are bombarded every day with stories of moral, political, social and economic injustice. Over breakfast, they listen to tales of the real, incomprehensible horror in the world. They shake their heads and tut-tut as they are informed of the failings of their Administration, which they despise universally as armchair liberals. And yet, I'd wager that 90% of the thousands and thousands of people who have written, called or e-mailed NPR and member stations like WITF to complain about the decision to change the anchor of Morning Edition have never voiced concerns to, say, the politicians or organizations responsible for the injustices they love to hear about every morning. No, they can only be galvanized into action by something that directly affects them - the loss of a familiar voice as they drive to their comfortable, upper-middle-class jobs in their comfortable, upper-middle-class cars. They'd rather waste their time, money and energy creating and maintaining and waging an irate letter-writing campaign protesting against a decision about one middle-aged radio anchor's career. What a load of bullshit.
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